Acid Bath Biography

Brushing, flossing, combing, rinsing, and wiping of all vital parts 
of ones personal hygiene, some more then others, some less. There is 
however one element that when experienced, has such a lasting impact 
it must be made a consistent part of everyday routine - the Acid Bath.

Secluded in the outback swamps of the Louisiana bayou in 1991, Acid Bath's 
humble inception exploded on the local level after they recorded "Hymns 
of the Needle Freak," produced by their then manager Keith Falgout. This 
self-promoted demo ultimately lead to their singing with Rotten Records, 
which allowed them to work with D.R.I.'s Spike Cassidy to create their 
acclaimed debut label release, "When the Kite String Pops." Two years and 
three national tours later, Acid Bath is ready to deliver their long awaited 
eleven song sophomore album "Paegan Terrorism Tactics." This effort finds them 
returning to work with Falgout, to produce such songs as Dead Girl, Bleed Me an 
Ocean, Graveflower, Paegan Love Song and New Death Sensation.

Acid Bath has an incredible diversity to their music that lends them the 
ability to play with bands from almost any other genre, but it would be 
ludicrous to categorize their sound; the result would be too limiting. 
Furious, aggressive guitar buzz is supplied by Mike Sanchez and Sammy Duet. 
Audie Pitre adds vile, low-end pulsations on bass to fill out the bottom. 
Jimmy Kyle uses his characteristic springless snare as a channel to create 
exhausting, tooth-grinding beats and often times pushing rhythms. Dax Riggs 
contributes the vocal element as if he were the satanic son of Jim Morrison, 
with an occasional brutal scream added to the mix by Audie or Sammy.

Together, they fuse numerous musical styles that fall under the category of 
loud or heavy creating an intoxicating gumbo that tempts one's palate with 
hard-core, gothic, psychedelic-punk and grind. This innovative blend is 
insanely exlosive, but creates a breathless intensity and exhilarting flavor 
that is easy to swallow. Acid Bath's boundary-busting swamp-core sound conquers 
what death metal has yet to encounter.